Rozgar Dhaba: A Rural Information Tea Café Solution for Sustainable Cities

Vinod Kumar Pandey

Apstrakt: With an increasing urban migration population in Indian cities challenges are in terms of scarcity of survival resources in the form of land, food, water, sanitation and livelihood. Rozgar Dhaba an employment café in rural India brings a public policy solution to restrict unsafe migration and filter safe migration with informed choices of livelihood. Rozgar Dhaba is a tea shop with uncalled gathering and also works as an information exchange center and provides information on local jobs as well as secured and safe jobs in nearby cities. It’s cost-effective and a revenue-based model where people have to pay just a 10 cents for a cup of tea and information related with jobs, farm produce prices, government scheme applications, etc. are free along with the free, but limited wifi. Rozgar Dhaba helps small and marginalized farmers to get an extra income along with their agriculture and brings a platform to sell agriculture produce at better prices. With the offering of various livelihood based information services Rozgar Dhaba helps in boosting the rural economy, and also helps cities in terms of reducing unsafe migration. This paper is based on a study of a social startup in India addressing the public issue with bringing a public policy revenue based model. This paper unfolds how small social start-up can addresses key issues like unsafe migration and unemployment in India.

Ključne reči: entrepreneurship, livelihood information, public policy, rural India, social start-up, unsafe migration, unemployment

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Етнолошко-антрополошке свеске, y. 2019, no. 19 (30), pp. 111-121